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The pool is intended for the use of the Association Members and their invited guests.  Non-resident guests may not use the pool without the presence of the Association Member.  Only two guests are permitted for each family member.
Excessive use of guest privileges will result in restriction of them.  Please be considerate.
The pool area may be booked for children’s parties.  These parties are intended for your children to have a few friends over.  The pool will remain open to all swimmers during this time.  There must be one adult supervising for every three children.  The host family is responsible for cleaning up and for any damages incurred to the facility.  The pool must be reserved in advance.  See “Activity Room or Pool Reservations”.
 If your access key does not work, click here to contact the pool key administrator.

The Arbor Springs swimming pool is for residents use only.
Children under 14 years of age are not allowed in the pool area unless accompanied by a person 18 years or older directly responsible for the well being of that child. 
Baby-sitters under 18 will not be permitted to bring member’s children to the pool.
Gate to pool is to be kept closed and locked at all times after entering or leaving.
There are no lifeguards on duty, DO NOT SWIM ALONE.
People with communicable diseases, open sores, or infectious eyes are restricted from pool usage.
No hairpins or metal objects are allowed in the pool.
Showers must be taken before
entering the pool.  Also, shower
before entering pool after sun-
bathing using sun tan preparations.
No sun tan oils.
Non-toilet trained children must wear diapers and tight fitting rubber/plastic pants with bathing suits. 
Toys are allowed in the pool area within reason.  If the pool is busy please be considerate of other members and limit the number of toys used.  Toys with removable parts or breakable toys are not allowed in the pool area.
Large inner tubes or rafts are not allowed.  Personal floatation devices (i.e., swimmies and vests) are permitted.
No diving is allowed.  No front or back flips or jumping backwards are allowed.
Eating or smoking is prohibited within 5 feet of the pool.  Gum and tobacco chewing are not allowed in the pool area.
Breakable containers, i.e., glass are not permitted in the pool area.
Trash receptacles are available for your convenience.  Please do not throw trash on the deck or into the pool.  Please be considerate of others, and keep the pool furniture clean.
Pets are not allowed within the fenced area of the pool.
Bicycles, tricycles, skates, skateboards, etc., are not allowed on the concrete decks or sidewalks surrounding the pool area.  All bicycles must be left in the parking area.
Do not slide down the handrails.
Association members are fully responsible for the actions of family members or guests using the pool.
All persons using the pool and surrounding areas should conduct themselves in a responsible manner.  Anyone not acting responsibly and/or is caught swimming after the established pool hours is subject, in the first instance, to a warning from the Homeowners Association and following a second offense – to permanent suspension for the remainder of the season.  In such a case the pool key card will be deactivated.
Homeowners are responsible for monitoring the pool for unacceptable or unsafe behavior.  The Association has the right to demand a return of amenity key cards and to terminate the rights of any family conducting themselves inappropriately or unsafely.
Keep pool furniture clean; lower umbrellas when leaving; report any damage.