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Arbor Springs Plantation
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Tennis courts

Your Pool/Amenity key will open the tennis court gates.  Please be sure to close the gate when you leave.
Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Singles play should be limited to 1 hour; doubles to 1.5 hours.
Only flat sole tennis shoes may be worn on the court.  Black sole shoes are not allowed.
Metal rackets should have guards for protection of court surfaces.
Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult while playing tennis.
Players must exhibit proper sportsmanship, i.e., no throwing of racket or use of profanity.
Only the actual players may be inside the fenced area.  Those waiting to play, spectators, and children, must stay outside of the fenced area.
No pets, chairs, stools, furniture, baby strollers, play pens or baby beds are allowed inside the fenced area.
Food, glass containers or beverages may not be taken inside the fenced area except water in non-breakable containers.
Jumping or swinging on the nets and/or fence is prohibited.
Place trash in the proper receptacles.
            Space reserved for Tennis Court Photo
For safety purposes, court gates must be closed at all times.
No smoking inside the court fence.
Court is for tennis only.  Bikes, skates, or other activities are prohibited.
Turn light off when leaving the courts.