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Arbor Springs Plantation
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Landscape requirements
Arbor Springs Plantation Minimum Landscape Requirements
All front yards and right of ways, including side yard on corner lots must be sodded with built in sprinkler systems.  Front yard sodding is from property line to property line on the right of way.

Lot owners (vacant lots) are responsible for the maintenance of their lot’s right of way.  Maintenance includes mowing, planting of grass and all erosion control.
Arbor Springs Plantation yards must be maintained in accordance with the following minimum guidelines.
Mow lawns regularly such that the height of the grass is maintained at 3” or less for Bermuda, 5” or less for fescue or within the appropriate range for the type of grass.
Weeds in lawn and beds shall be minimized so as not to be unsightly.
Sidewalks and driveways shall be edged regularly so as to maintain a neat appearance.
Sidewalks and driveways shall be cleared of leaves and other natural debris as needed.
Mulch/pine straw in beds and other unsodded areas shall be reapplied as necessary to maintain ground cover.
Foundation plantings (shrubs/bushes) in the front of the house are a requirement.
Shrubbery shall be pruned/maintained at least twice annually.
Judgment regarding these minimum standards shall be determined by the Arbor Springs Landscape Committee, and enforced by the Arbor Springs Homeowners Association Covenant Enforcement Committee.
Failure to comply within 30 days of notification of infringement will result in hired services at the homeowner’s expense.  A lien will be placed on the property in question for any unpaid invoices. 
Please remember the following key items:
1.    We all moved to Arbor Springs for a reason.  Let’s all do our part to keep Arbor Springs the top neighborhood in the area.
2.    The Landscape committee exists to be a resource.  Our primary responsibility is to manage the maintenance of the common grounds, however, we also have a vested interest in the appearance of the whole neighborhood.
3.    If anyone has a special circumstance, please feel free to contact the Landscape Committee chair posted on the Officer Roster.