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Activity Room Regulations

The activity room is meant to be an amenity for Arbor Spring’s HOA members in good standing for their use for such activities as birthday parties, bridge clubs, baby/wedding showers, dinner parties, etc.
Please adhere to the guidelines below in addition to the items specified in Exhibit A to the contract:
(1) DO NOT reserve the activity room for the use of a non-HOA member.
(2) An event held in the Activity room should include only invited guests of the reserving HOA member and is not to be open to the general public. The HOA member who reserved the activity room must be on site throughout the entire event and take full responsibility for the group’s actions.
(3) There must be at least one adult for each 5 children under the age of 14 for kid’s activities.
All members and guests are to remain on the HOA facilities’ property, i.e., the Clubhouse, swimming pool, and parking lot. All property adjacent to these facility is private. Further, if the kid’s activity involves use of both the activity room and the pool you must be sure that there is at least one adult in the pool area at all times that children are in the pool area.
(4) Alcohol may be served in the Activity Room, but a cash bar is NOT ALLOWED. Further, underage drinking is strictly prohibited anywhere on HOA property. Such activity will be reported to the Sherriff’s Department.
(5) Outdoor cooking in the area outside the activity room is allowed only for members renting the Activity Room.
(6) Maximum party size for the Activity Room: 60

(7) Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse.

(8) Reservations: To allow all HOA members fair access to the Activity Room.
    (a) Reservations must be received no later than 48 hours prior to the time being reserved.
    (b) DO NOT  reserve the activity room for the use of a non-HOA member.
    (c) Events may be booked for the use of a HOA member only one month ahead of time.
    (d) For a recurring event like a boy-scout meeting, tentative reservations may be made beyond the first month but must be released if another member would like to make reservations on that day of the week.
    (e) The general reservation rule is first-come-first serve. However, If you have reserved the activity room once during the busiest months (May, June and July), any subsequent reservation is subject to being bumped (up to 2 weeks before the next requested reservation) if that date is wanted by another HOA member.
    (f) Reservations are not confirmed until the reserving HOA member signs the contract on the HOA intranet. NO EXCEPTIONS. You cannot use the activity room if you have not signed the contract. Further, if your reservation is not confirmed because you have not signed the contract your tentative reservation can be bumped by another HOA member who wants the same date and has signed the contract.
    (g) Once you have a confirmed activity room reservation, actual use of the activity room is subject to you providing the activity room coordinator with a $200 deposit check. That check will be valid for any event within 90 days of the date on the check, after 90 days a new check
must be received. Your Amenity/Pool key will not be turned on for the activity room unless you have: (1) a confirmed reservation and (2) provided a deposit check of less than 90 days old.
(9) There is no phone in the activity room. Be sure to have a cell phone available for emergencies.
(10) Do not, under any circumstances, enter the activity room as a HOA member user until you have been issued the key and enter only with the key.
(11) Do not remove pool or activity room furniture or any other HOA property from the premises for any reason. 
(12) Deposit
    (a)  If the activity room is not left clean with all points on the check-out list completed, you are responsible  for any and all cleaning expense which will include but not be limited to forfeiture of your deposit.
    (b)  If, after your scheduled use of the activity room, it is not secured you will be charged an amount equal to your security deposit. Securing the Activity room means you must lock all external doors as well as the two doors to the bathrooms.